Honors Director’s Guide to the 

2015  HTCC  Conference 

Conference Date

Saturday, March 28, 2015 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.  UC Irvine

Oct/ Nov      Directors, work with faculty to identify and recruit student presenters and volunteers!

 Students work with mentors on drafting and revising abstracts. Online Submission of Presentation Proposals and Registration opens:

Nov 1

Dec. /End     Deadline for students to submit proposals to directors of Fall Semester Directors, set a submission deadline for near end of your semester.  Students should first have their mentor proofread their proposal.   Updated directions and samples for all types of presentations as well as tips for preparing to present will be posted on the website by October 8th.  http://www.honorstcc.org/   Students should submit their title, the 250-word abstract, and a 25-word description of their project.   Directors, please vet your students’ submissions for appropriateness and quality!  Proposals that incorporate creative, original research are favored over unoriginal or poorly written submissions.  You are encouraged to submit only those papers you feel are of sufficient quality for the conference.  Also, due to space considerations, students are allowed only one proposal per category (Oral Presentation, Group Presentation, Poster).  In addition, no two proposals by an individual student may be on the same topic.   Directors, also be sure to let students know about the scholarship opportunities before everyone leaves on break!

Final Deadline for Directors to Submit Students’ Presentation Proposals to HTCC:


Check with your Honors Director

  After you have submitted the proposals, make sure to check the database for the accuracy of your submissions.  Contact Carolyn Kuykendall at ckuykendall@mtsac.edu if you notice any discrepancies. Late Jan      Presentation Acceptances announced: Leona Fisher will send an email to student presenters indicating acceptance w/ attachments (etiquette etc.).  Leona will also contact Program Directors with the list of presenters indicating the acceptances, rejections, and waitlisted students for their school.  Directors, be watching for this email so we can make any additions or corrections in a timely manner! FEB

Student RSVP deadline and t-shirt pre-order deadline:

February 1st

                        Directors and Mentors work with accepted students on presentations and on scholarship abstract submissions, and continue to recruit volunteers. Scholarship Requirements:
  • Director’s Award and Outstanding Abstract awards:
students must present at conference and must submit a 400-word abstract of oral presentation/performance only (poster abstracts not eligible)
  • UCI Grant submissions:
the above plus student must have applied for transfer to UCI
  • HTCC Exemplary Achievement (2 per college maximum):
student(s) must be nominated by Honors coordinator and on track to complete Campus Honors by spring semester; must submit 500-word personal essay on designated topic
  • Juan Lara: chosen from Exemplary Achievement pool

Final Deadline for Submitting Scholarship Applications:

Feb. 22

Submit to john.oakes@gcccd.edu. See website for further instructions.

Final Deadline to Register Student Volunteers:  March 3

Note:  Presenters may not serve as volunteers. 

Final day for Early Registration:  March 3

After this date, registration will be raised from $30 to $50.  Please be sure that all of your attendees are aware of the early registration deadline.  Friends and Family of the presenters do not need to register and may attend free of charge; they may pay for lunch and a program at the event. Be sure to register all student presenters and volunteers, faculty, administrators, and yourself!
MAR      Directors receive program for review and send corrections to ckuykendall@mtsac.edu.  

Final Deadline for Directors to contact Carolyn about any additions or corrections to presenter information:

March 14 at noon

(Later changes will be included as a program insert.) 

MAR               COUNTDOWN!!!

Final Day for Waitlisted Presentations: March 14

This is the final day that waitlisted presentations will be accepted for the conference.

***March 28, 2015 The Conference!!!  All day***

  Directors: right after the conference, when the experience is still fresh, please remind students to submit their abstract for the Proceedings publication!  
Deadline Abstracts for proceedings publication, Building Bridges: TBD 250 words.  Directors email student abstracts to Tim Adell: tim.adell@vvc.edu


 Conference Planning MeetingUC Irvine
September 11, 2015HTCC Meeting and Honors Counselor FairFullerton College
October 9, 2015HTCC MeetingSaddleback College
November 11-15, 2015National Collegiate Honors Council Conference (NCHC)Chicago, IL
November 21, 2015Southern California Conferences for Undergraduate Research (SCCUR)Harvey Mudd College
December 4, 2015HTCC MeetingMt. San Antonio College
February 12, 2015HTCC MeetingUC Irvine
April 8-10, 2016Western Regional Honors Council Conference (WRHC)UC Riverside
March 11, 2016HTCC MeetingTBD
March 26, 2016HTCC Building Bridges Undergraduate Research ConferenceUC Irvine
May 13, 2016HTCC MeetingPasadena City College

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Title Name E-mail
President Jodi Balma
Fullerton College
Vice-President/Conference Committee Chair Christopher Sleeper
MiraCosta College
Immediate Past President Kay Ryals
Irvine Valley College
Chair of Transfer Relations Alannah Rosenberg
Saddleback College
Treasurer Linda Diaz
Mt. San Antonio College  
Editor, Abstract Publication Tim Adell
Victor Valley College
Scholarship Committee Chair John Oakes
Grossmont College
Co-Directors of Resource Development Joe Holliday and Rachel Williams jholliday@elcamino.edu and rawilliams@elcamino.edu 
 UCI Liaison  Dale Leaman  dleaman@uci.edu


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